Fuel Tank Repair
We repair damaged fuel tanks to look perfect again. We start the repair by using a special stud gun that welds draw pins to the dent area and use a slide hammer to pull the dent. This allows us to draw the dent out without drilling or filling the dent with putty. 

Then we finish out the area with a thin coat of surface glaze, block sanding, and then add a coat of hi-quality primer. 

After drying, the tank is ready for a final we sand and then base color/clear coat. A final buffing of the cured clear gives a perfect finish.

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Quicktime Required
Above: The gas tank dent removal and repair process
Plastic Welding and Repair
We can repair expensive plastic body parts that have cracks, scratches, or road rash. If the part are cracked or ground down we use a good quality plastic welder and plastic welding rods. The tool blows about 3 to 4 psi of air heated to the melting point of the plastic. The plastic rod is fed into the prepped and cleaned damaged area of the bodywork. The welder is used to melt the rod to the damaged part and the plastic fuses together for a super strong repair. This process is very similar top metal welding with metal rods, just using different materials.
The repaired bodywork is primed, wet sanded and base color/clear coated. If the parts require decals we place them either under the clear or sometimes on top of the clear; however the part came from the factory we duplicate that down to every detail.
Quality Guarantee
For both tank and plastic repairs you get a 100% guarantee that your parts will be perfect. There will be no signs of the damage.